Global Online Learning Competition

PaGamO is the world's first online gamification learning platform, providing multiple quality exams, covering English learning, license examinations, corporate training etc. There are more than 1,500,000 players online to learn and compete together. To enrich your learning experience by answering questions and occupying territory that combines knowledge and strategy!

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Build your own fantasy island creatively!

PaGamO has a variety of islands, and it has more than 130 different terrains now. In order to keep students' excitements, there are a variety of seasonal limited terrain to let students build their own beautiful kingdom of knowledge.


Cooperation Challenge

The world's first “Boss Challenge” is a multiplayer game that requires cooperation of players to defeat the Boss. The correct answers will be converted into attack power to harm the Boss, but students will be attacked because of wrong answers. The Boss attacks students by the questions that they answer wrong before to strengthen students’ weaknesses.


Assigning homework is so easy! 

PaGamO covers all versions of textbooks, so teachers can use the question bank to give out assignment easily. Students finish the assignment through completing the missions in the game. Meanwhile, teachers can see learning performance. The only thing teachers need to worry is inadequate questions instead of students not doing their homework.


Performance Indicator

PaGamO includes powerful tools for monitoring your students' performance by assessing their pass rate and easily identify weaknesses of students on the trustworthy statistics.